Meet the Athletic Coordinator at Lovejoy Regional Park!

Adeal Bell

 Adeal Bell

What should the top priorities of a youth athlete be?
Our first priority is to educate parents, then to develop life skills, safety, and professionalism.

What are some Team Building Activities that you do?
At the end of season, allowed coaches play in a coaches challege.

What is your Program Philosophy?

Striving to make our team competitive as possible, our primary objective is to help our athletics acquire important skills that will help to be successful in their adult lives. Our efforts as coordinators and coaches are focused on teaching how to win and not just winning.

What is your favorite youth sports memory?

U10 Girls softball team winning the county tournament,with girls that never played before.

How do you motivate your participants (kids, coaches, parents)?

Teach about having fun, not always about winning.

How can you have a productive coaching staff environment?

Providing the information and tools needed to complete their season.

How would you describe a typical week of practice during the season? How are game days different?

Practice days are going over fitals. On game day excuting the plays.

What is your goal for your park?

To provide a safe, clean, fun environment to be enjoyed by all.


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