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What is the Initiative to get Georgia's Children Outdoors?




For the ninth consecutive year, Clayton County Parks and Recreation will chaperone Clayton County middle school students on a 3-day trip to a Georgia 4H Camp. This summer, 12 students will visit Fortson 4H Camp in Hampton June 8-10th to experience and study Georgia's natural environment.  In 2009, the Board of Commissioners adopted a Resolution supporting the Kids Outdoor Initiative and the Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights. 

This Bill of Rights recommends that every child, by the age of 14, should have an opportunity to experience a list of ten distinct outdoor activities, such as:

            Exploring Nature

            Camping under the stars

            Following a trail

            Playing on a team


The 7th and 8th grade students participating in this year's trip, courtesy of a scholarship provided from proceeds of the Lake Spivey Road Race as well as the Lake Spivey Golf Tournament, were chosen by submitting a 250-word essay describing the outdoor activity they wish to participate in out of the activities named in the Outdoor Bill of Rights.

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Kids Outdoors 2019



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