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3v3 Basketball Schedules

Please remember that only two spectators per player are permitted in the gym on game days.  To download your child’s schedule, click on one of the links below.


Carl Rhodenizer Teams

U8_CR_Black U8_CR_Grey U8_CR_Blue
U10_CR_Black U10_CR_Gray U10_CR_Blue
U10_CR_Red U12_CR_Black U12_CR_Gray
U12_CR_Blue U12_CR_Red U14_CR_Black
U14_CR_Gray U14_CR_Blue U14_CR_Red


South Clayton Teams

U8_SC_Lakers U8_SC_Royals U8_SC_The_Squad
U10_SC_Eagles U10_SC_Lakers U10_SC_Wildcats
U10_SC_Yellow_Jackets U14_SC_Hawks U14_SC_Hurricanes
U14_SC_Roadrunners U14_SC_Warriors U14_SC_Yellow_Jackets


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