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As you may know, Clayton County Parks and Recreation has suspended all programming/operations since March 14th. For all of you, this has affected your ability to participate in our classes/programs last session (February 17 through March 21st). We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused; however, we must continue to do what is best for the safety of everyone involved. With that being said, we will issue prorated refunds (20%) to all classes affected after March 14th and issue refunds for programs scheduled (i.e. Afterschool, special event classes, etc.) For example, if you were registered for class last session, you will be issued a prorated check by Clayton County. The checks will be issued based on the head of household address you provided on Rectrac (this address can be found on your receipt). If you have any questions or fear your address needs to be updated, please see the contact information below for each recreation center.

Please understand this will be a process and all checks will be issued by the end of April. If you have not received your check by April 30th, please contact your recreation center contact below for update.


If you have not been made aware, all classes have been cancelled next session (March 30th through May 2nd). Afterschool has been suspended through the end of the school year.


Again, please continue to take care and abide by the standards set forth to remain safe. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further comments, comments, or concerns.

Yours in Recreation,

Carl Rhodenizer Receration Center
Steven Maxwell –

Jim Huie Recreation Center
Vincent Stegall –

Steve Lanquist Aquatics Center (Swim classes)
Jeramie Reeves –

South Clayton Recreation Center
Wanda McDowell –

Virginia B. Gray Recreation Center
Jimmie Jones –



The Recreation Services Division of the Clayton County Parks & Recreation Department cultivates a culture of healthy expressions and experiences through the offerings of quality programs and eminence facilities, amenities, and current safety practices.


Daily  Fees:
Adult (Ages 18-54)  $3.00 Resident, $5.00 Non-Resident
Youth (Ages 5-17)  $2.00 Resident, $3.00 Non-Resident
Seniors (Ages+)  $2.00 Resident, $3.00 Non-Resident
Monthly Fees:                                         Resident        Non-Resident 
1 Month – Adult                                        $20.00              $25.00
1 Month:  Group (10+ additional)             $35.00              $45.00
1 Month – Senior                                            –                  $15.00
1 Month – Youth                                        $15.00              $20.00
1 Year – Senior                                          $  5.00                  –
3 Year Adult                                              $55.00             $ 60.00
3 Month Group (10+ additional)                $95.00            $105.00
3 Month – Youth                                        $40.00             $ 45.00



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