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Operation DIP



Synopsis of Program

In an effort to promote the month of May and its national recognition as “Water Safety Month”, the Clayton County Parks and Recreation Department created and implemented a new program called Operation D.I.P. This program was designed to teach students the necessary and vital skills needed to prevent drowning and provide other key water safety measures that can be used to stay safe in and around the water.

Purpose, Goals & Objectives

With continued research proving drowning to be the second leading cause of injury-related death of children ages 1-14, Operation D.I.P conveys the message that “Drowning is Preventable.” Our goal is to teach the importance of knowing how to swim at an early age. To achieve this, the Department organized a team of Lifeguards and created a Mascot to give presentations at local Elementary Schools. The Mascot was designed to help motivate and encourage children to swim safely and to use precaution. The Mascot’s name is “Hydro” and while he does not enter the water with the students during lessons, he does assist on the sidelines to help provide motivation and support during the educational sessions. The Operation D.I.P Team uses a brief power point slide show in the classroom to help engage students in learning. A flyer was also created to give students a reference to use at home. All collateral is age appropriate and uses key techniques to gain the attention of younger students. There is even a list of Water Safety Tips from Hydro so students can memorize and refer back to when needed.


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