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Therapeutics Coordinator
Jeryl Hadley


The Therapeutic Recreation Division (TR) was established in 1975 with the help of a one year grant from the Office of Developmental Disabilities Services. In 1976, with a strong belief that “Recreation is a right for everyone.” The Clayton County Board of Commissioners chose to continue the Division and picked up all funding. Through the years, the TR division has grown and undergone changes that today allow it to boast that it is one of the best TR Divisions in the state.

The Therapeutic Recreation Division of Clayton County Parks and Recreation Department offers year round recreational and leisure activities for children and adults who are mentally and/or orthopedically disabled. Our programs consist of activities with an emphasis on education, leisure, sports, and socialization. Our TR division has been serving the community for almost 40 years. Our division works directly with schools, service work areas, developmental services, families, and group homes to help reinforce mutual goals for participants in our program.
Our goal is to provide educational and recreational services to all people with disabilities and to address such issues as self-esteem, motor skills, appropriate social skills, and the opportunity to participate and have FUN! If you have any questions about our programs or need further information, please contact your nearest recreation center.


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