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Park Services Employees




“We RISE UP………….



Jeremy Eason- CCIP

“Jeremy is what you call “The GOAT” of park maintenance. He is dependable, hardworking, and overall a good person. Jeremy has taken his position as Sr. Maintenance Coordinator to the next level as he oversees the day to day operations of CCIP including Spivey Splash. He provides direction to full time and seasonal staff members. Jeremy ensures the overall appearance and upkeep of our parks are at the highest standard for Clayton County citizens.”  – Ralph Turner Jr.

Brandon Henderson- CCIP

“Brandon has always gone above and beyond when it comes to park maintenance. One phone call and he is where you need him to be getting the job done. Brandon has taken the weekends’ workload and made them his own. From maintenance and event setup at CCIP, Lakeview Event Center, and various locations throughout the county, Brandon has always been there to lend a helping hand. In addition, he is known to pick up a wrench and put on his “mechanic hat” to fix broken equipment.”  – Ralph Turner Jr.