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Get Fit Clayton

Jesters Creek Trail Update

The highlighted area of Jesters Creek Trail will be closed for construction, with a projected reopening date Spring 2021.

In an effort to encourage Clayton County residents to improve their physical fitness while also enjoying the county’s many natural amenities, the Clayton County Board of Health and the Clayton County Department of Parks and Recreation are collaborating on a new initiative – Get Fit Clayton.

The objective of Get Fit Clayton is to enhance and refurbish the fitness trails in four Clayton County parks:  Clayton County International Park (The Beach), Gerald Matthews Park, Independence Park and Rex Park. The upgrades will include better lighting and landscaping on the trails, as well as new mile markers and signs every one-half mile, to better inform walkers and runners how far they have traveled.  The goal is that more Clayton residents will Get active, Get motivated, Get moving and Get Fit.

Trail Rules

International Park Trail Maps

Trail Maps