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The Clayton County Parks & Recreation Department values the wellbeing of our families.  Our core values place the safety of children in high priority.  Given the current environmental circumstances and the risks associated with COVID-19, we have elected to cancel the youth tackle football program for the 2020 season.  Instead, we will offer non-contact programming emphasizing skill development and physical fitness as an alternative.  Additionally, cheerleading, youth soccer, baseball and tennis activities will be modified to provide safe, fun options for children as we return to youth sports.   We call this new programming Rotating Recess Skills Academy.


We understand that this decision will be unexpected to many participants who look forward to our regular slate of fall programs.  However, given the present rate of the Coronavirus infection in Georgia – particularly in our community, and considering the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and USA Football, it would be irresponsible for us to provide programming in our traditional manner.  We recognize that some other agencies and associations have arrived at different conclusions and will proceed with youth sports as normal.  However, in light of the information provided by public health officials, and after reviewing the guidelines from all of the national youth sports governing bodies, we realize that we would be placing children and their families in harm’s way if we did not adjust our operations.  We believe that if we take care of our participants this fall, the kids can safely return to normal play next season.


Details about the Skills Academy can be found here.  It outlines the registration process, participation fees, equipment, and the projected activity schedule.  We will also share our plans for a programming framework which incorporates social distancing, minimized contact with common surfaces, and risk management protocols.  Ultimately, we want our families to know that we care about the health and safety of our young people.  We must be especially vigilant because this pandemic has had a disproportionate impact on our community.  As public servants, we take our charge seriously, and we are committed to providing fun, affordable, and safe leisure activities for the families who trust us with their children.  We deeply appreciate your faith and confidence in us.


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Last year, the Clayton County Parks & Recreation Department introduced its new slogan, “It Starts in the PARKS! This simple statement captures the values and benefits derived and accrued from parks and recreation experiences. For example, participation in athletics fosters teamwork, leadership, and sportsmanship. The recreation centers promote fitness, wellness, and creativity. Reynolds Nature Preserve offers tranquility, encourages exploration, and helps to develop life balance. And, of course, the Beach at International Park is all about fun. We believe that these ideals – and so many more – are reflected in the proclamation, “It Starts in the PARKS!

So, the next time you’re enjoying the Clayton County Parks & Recreation experience – maybe at youth baseball game, or taking a Zumba class, or hiking the trails with friends – take a minute to let us know about it. Snap a selfie and share it on social media with the hashtag, “It Starts in the PARKS! If we get it trending, you may win a limited-edition t-shirt from the Department. It’s our way of showing how much we appreciate our Clayton County family.

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