Clayton County Parks & Recreation Code of Ethics

All employees of the Clayton County Parks & Recreation have special responsibilities to the public at large and to the specific Communities and Agencies in which we serve.  Believing that Parks & Recreation Services are vital to the enhancement of the quality of life; believing that each individual has the right to discover opportunities for creative mental and emotional stimulation, relaxation, physical development and leisure experiences; believing that the primary purpose of the Parks & Recreation employees are entrusted with the responsibilities to create a positive climate by which people can partake in leisure activities, the Clayton County Parks & Recreation Department proposes for the guidance of its employees, the following principles:

Responsibility to Those We Serve
1. Respects people as individuals and serves all in an equitable and fair manner.
2. Is worthy of trust and recognizes the importance of confidentiality.
3. Informs and educates the community of leisure opportunities and environmental issues.

Responsibility to Community
1. Strives to improve life within the community.
2. Promotes the awareness of individuals and cultural diversity.
3. Recognizes community needs and trends and manages positive change.
4. Develops standards for positive maintenance of natural resources.

Responsibility to Self
1. Maintains relationships with associates based on mutual integrity, trust and respect.
2. Clearly separates professional from personal points of view.
3. To strive for personal and professional excellence and to encourage the professional development of associates and students.

Responsibility to Employer
1. Cooperatively works within the structure of the department.
2. Assists in promoting the department to the community.
3. Respects policies and procedures in a professional manner.
4. Initiates positive change.
5. Adheres to standards of personal conduct acceptable for professionals in the community.

Responsibility to Profession
1. Maintains memberships with professional organizations.
2. Actively participates and contributes to the advancement of the profession.
3. Recognizes and promotes the values of the profession.
4. Actively promotes and encourages individual and cultural diversity.
5. To maintain professionalism at all county functions.