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Scholarship Info

The following list highlights activities that should experienced by the age of 14 as outlined by the Georgia Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights:

  • Discover Georgia’s Past
  • Splash in the water
  • Play on a team
  • Play in a safe place
  • Camp under the stars
  • Follow a trail
  • Explore nature
  • Learn to swim
  • Catch a fish
  • Celebrate their heritage
  • Scholarship

The “Off the Beaten Path” program will take place at Clayton County International Park over the course of two days. Each day will serve approximately 120 kids, for a total of 240 students.

All of the third grade classes in the thirty Clayton County elementary schools have the opportunity to submit a three to five minute video as to why their school should be chosen.  The video must be inclusive of all the classes and teachers and should explain why they will exhibit the best teamwork and camaraderie. The Lake Spivey Community Board members will judge the videos and award a day at the park for two schools.

2018 Kid’s Outdoor Scholarship Winners

Hector Bernal – Morrow Middle School
Erin Bradley – Lovejoy Middle School
Tyler J. Brown – Elite Scholars Academy
Trayvon Gay – Adamson Middle School
Kwan Hodge – Pointe South Middle School
Lashay Jackson – Hampton Middle School
Roderick Johnson – Elite Scholars Academy
Amariya J. Moses – MD Roberts Middle School
Dayvon Bernard Sargent – Mundy’s Mill Middle School
Marshanti Thornton (pronounced Marshan-tay) – Jonesboro Middle School
Te’Naya Walker – Lovejoy Middle School
Saniyah Williams – Mundy’s Middle School

2017 Kid’s Outdoor Scholarship Winners

Kiamara Eubanks
Treyvon Gay
Marquis Hamilton
Michael Lane
Amariya Moses
Danielle Quiovens
Kayla Marie Shubrick

2015 Kid’s Outdoor Scholarship Winners

Jeffrey Antwi-Boaisak – Elite Scholars Academy
Katie Johnson – MD Roberts Middle School
Aaron Blanchard – Elite Scholars Academy
Darian Long – Elite Scholars Academy
Allen Chazez – Elite Scholars Academy
Moriah Milner – Elite Scholars Academy
Charlie Cooper – Eagles Landing Christian Academy
Marcus Moses – Rex Middle School
Jayla Freeman – Kendrick Middle School
Manuela Nana – Elite Scholars Academy
Kyla Guillaume – Kendrick Middle School
Nadiyah Timmons – Morrow Middle School
Robert House – Elite Scholars Academy

2014 Kid’s Outdoor Scholarship Winners

Ololade Abdulai – Elite Scholars Academy
Daijah Wyche – Elite Scholars Academy
Kobi Brown – Elite Scholars Academy
Kiara Bishop – Babb Middle School
Justin Guerra – Rex Middle School
Angel Brunner – North Clayton Middle School
Marvin Isaac – Kendrick Middle School
Dominique Carter – Jonesboro Middle School
Joshua Milner – Elite Scholars Academy
Victoria Clark – Elite Scholars Academy
Brian Wallace – Elite Scholars Academy
Otiona Willis – Elite Scholars Academy

2013 Kid’s Outdoor Scholarship Winners

Tonyia Johnson – Creekside Chrisitian Academy
JaMirah Borden – Elite Scholars Academy
Kaitlyn Mooney – Rex Middle School
Obasci Onuoha – Elite Scholars Academy
Tyshawnah Natrick – Riverdale Middle School
Devoryia Merritt – Kendrick Middle School
Tylen Rooks – Rex Middle School
Brian Raiford – Riverdale Middle School
Janesha Smith – MD Roberts Middle School
Jacob Thomas – Elite Scholars Academy
Darius Daniel – Elite Scholars Academy
Tyler Watkins – Elite Scholars Academy

2012 Kid’s Outdoor Scholarship Winners

Aissatou Bah – North Clayton Middle School
Kenyatta Merritt – Kendrick Middle School
Aaliyah Britten – Kendrick Middle School
Evette Sims – Kendrick Middle School
Treazure Broome – Morrow Middle School
Klay Brown – Elite Scholars Academy
Katie Dixon – Babb Middle School
Noah Gore – Elite Scholars Academy
Chasidey Harris – Forest Park Middle School
Coata Malone – Elite Scholars Academy
Cierra Hendricks – Elite Scholars Academy
Montavious Smith – Elite Scholars Academy

2011 Kid’s Outdoor Scholarship Winners

Marisha Robinson – Babb Middle School
Tran Nguyen – Mundy’s Mill Middle School
Abigail Dixon – Babb Middle School
Hector Facio – Mundy’s Mill Middle School
Porsher Leigh – Sequoyah Middle School
Anthony Edwards – Eddy White Academy
Matthew Johnson – Morrow Middle School
Sydney-Alyce Bourget – Elite Scholars Academy
Malik Clark – Sequoyah Middle School
Victoria Starr – Forest Park Middle School

2010 Kid’s Outdoor Scholarship Winners

Zahdia Battick – Sequoyah Middle School
Devin Boyd – Rex Middle School
Taylor Carlington – Strategic Academic Solutions
Celynna Dimaranan – Mundy’s Mill Middle School
Nateria Harbor – Pointe South Middle School
Destiny Mays – Morrow Middle School
Joanne Rabauliman – Rex Middle School
Damola Sanni – Rex Middle School
Myky Troung – Morrow Middle School
Clark Martin – Strategic Academic Solutions