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Trail Map

Traveling the Trails

Summit Loop

Distance: 1 Mile
Difficulty Level: Moderately Strenuous
Description: Circle largest patch of unspoiled woodlands. Challenge your self by walking clockwise up our steepest incline to the top of Back Mountain, benchmark elevation 1,116 ft.

Pond Loop

Distance: 1 Mile
Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate
Description: Circumnavigate four ponds and observe a wide variety of birds and aquatic wildlife. Big Pond offers a dock for a closer look and scenic view from the dam along the trail.

Perimeter Loop

Distance: 1.5 miles
Difficulty Level: Moderate
Description: Enjoy the history and beauty of the preserve on this perimeter path. For an easier hike, walk counter- clockwise to avoid a steep climb up Back Mountain. Try the Boardwalk and Woodland Pond trails for a short side trip to see a spring, swamp, and secluded pond.

Things to Do While Hiking…

Bird Watching: How many of our winged friends can you identify? Can you find our State bird?

Learn more about the Atlanta Audubon Society.

Fern Challenge: How many ferns can you identify while out on the trails? Here’s a checklist to help you: Native Fern Checklist