Welcome to Adult Softball at Lovejoy Park!

Registration Start Date: June 1st, 2024

End Date: June 22nd, 2024

Costs is $400 per team

10 games schedule and single elimination tournament

Teams will play on Thursday nights only, two games per night.

Season Starts: June 27th, 2024

Ends: August 8th, 2024

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1) Rosters

  1. Turn rosters in before 1st game.
  2. Final roster due by end of game 4 (2nd week of play).
  3. You must be 18 by January 1st of the current year to be eligible to play.

2) Lineups

  1. A lineup card will be given to each team before each game.
  2. The lineup card must be filled out and turned in to the umpire before your first batter comes up to hit.
  3. Please put first initial and last name on the lineup card along with the player’s jersey #.

3) Game Times

  1. All 7:00 games have a 10 min grace period. This does not mean that your team can show up at 7:05.
  2. If you have 8 players, the game will begin. (co‐ed: 4 girls and 4 guys)

4) Number of players

  1. You must have 8 players to start a game. (co‐ed: 4 girls and 4 guys)
  2. If you know that more players are on the way and you want to add them to the lineup, then if their at bat comes up before they arrive you must take an out for that position in the lineup.This must be decided before the missing player is going to bat.
  3. If you bat through the lineup with 8 players and do not take an out, you can only bat 8 players the entire game. Any player showing up after that will have to be substituted in for another player.
  4. You can only bat 15 players in Men’s league and 14 players in Co‐Ed league.

5) Co‐Ed Rules

  1. You must have either 4 girls and 4 guys or 5 girls and 3 guys or 3 girls and 5 guys to start a game.
  2. If you have either 5 girls and 3 guys or 3 girls and 5 guys starting a game, an out must be take for 2 positions in the lineup until those positions are filled.
  3. If you have 5 guys and 4 girls or vice versa, you must take an out for the 5th girl/guy every time his/her at bat comes around until a player fills that position.
  4. Outfielders must be on or behind the Co‐Ed line until the batter makes contact with the ball.
  5. There has to be 3 girls and 3 guys in the infield and 2 girls and 2 guys in the outfield.

6) Player Pickup

  1. There will be absolutely no player pickup unless you are going to add that player to your roster.
  2. You cannot play for more than 1 team in the same league.

7) Courtesy Runners

  1. You can only use 1 courtesy runner per inning.
  2. The courtesy runner must be the last out or a player not in the game.
  3. Exception: If you pinch run for a player in an inning and that batter hits for a second time in the inning, you may pinch run for that player again.
  4. Co‐Ed: you can pinch run for 1 girl and 1 guy per inning, but you must user a guy to run for a guy and a girl to run for a girl.

8) Roster Protest

  1. If you want to protest a roster, it must be done before the final pitch of the game. (Good Sportsmanship: it is better to protest early than to wait to see if you are going to win before protesting.)
  2. You must call time before the final pitch, meet with the home plate umpire, and tell him/her that you want to protest a player not on the opposing team roster.
  3. You simply just need to point out the player.
  4. The umpire will then call the director over. Once the director gets the $25, we will check the player you pointed out.
  5. If that player is not on the roster, you will get back your $25 and that game will be forfeited.
  6. If that player is on the roster, you will NOT get back your $25 and the game will resume.

9) Uniforms

  1. All teams must have matching color jerseys with player # on the jersey.
  2. By the 3rd game (2nd week) if your team does not meet the above criteria, your games will be forfeited until you meet the criteria.

10) Pitching Screens

  1. All teams must use the pitching screen. NO Exceptions.
  2. The screen must cover no less than ½ of the pitching rubber and should be placed 2-4 feet in front of the pitching rubber.
  3. The screen can only be adjusted as to a left or right handed pitcher.
  4. 1st contact per batter per at bat with the screen is a dead ball foul ball.
  5. 2nd contact per batter per at bat with the screen is an out.
  6. If you have no fouls left then your 1st contact with the screen is an out.
  7. Contact is considered the ball touching any part of the pitching screen no matter if in direct flight or from the ground.

11) Code of Conduct

  1. No alcoholic beverages.
  2. No smoking.
  3. No profanity. (The F‐bomb is an automatic ejection)
  4. No fighting. Police will be contacted and your picture identification if asked for by the police will be turned over to them.
  5. No disrespecting the officials, players, coaches, fans, or park officials.
  6. No hitting balls against the fence.
  7. Clean up your dugout after your game.