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Panhandle Park Coordinator Profile



What should the top priorities of a youth athlete be? The top priorities for youth athletes is safety, learning fundamentals, and having fun.


What are some Team Building Activities that you do? Team building activity I love most is our opening season of all of our youth sports activities . Bringing all age groups of kids, coaches and families together meeting everyone cooking out and having fun. Meet and greet so everyone knew the Coaches and Team Moms of the different age groups to help promote a family atmosphere.


What is your Program Philosophy? My philosophy of our youth program is to support the development of each child in our program. Our program values all diversity of kid and parents we welcome all ages and skill levels and abilities.


What is your favorite youth sports memory? My favorite youth sport memory is waking up on Saturday morning running to the park and playing football and basketball  all day. Also when I was in high school playing basketball and running track. And when I graduated going back to my high school coaching on the basketball team.


How do you motivate your participants (kids, coaches, parents)? I love to talk with kids and encourage them do their best and have fun at all times. Letting the parents and the coaches we are all in this together lets come together and help the development of all the kids.


How can you have a productive coaching staff environment? The easiest way  is to led by example. Be willing to help with their practices if needed. Always be available when coaches need some advice. Be that person they can always go to when they need something or have questions.


How would you describe a typical week of practice during the season? How are game days different? A typical week of practice includes me talking with parents and coaches on how things are going, asking if they need anything or just letting them express any concerns that will help our program. Game days are very similar.


What is your goal for your park? My goals are to provide a safe, positive, and fun environment in which children learn and families come together and just enjoy their day.