Coaches Education

This section is devoted to bringing resources and articles of interest to the Coaches of Clayton County Soccer to help you become more knowledgeable so that together we can give the participants a better experience.


CDC Concussion Fact Sheet – This is a fact sheet for Coaches and Parents to help you recognize the causes, signs, symptoms and what to do if you think your child has a concussion.


Georgia Soccer Concussion Policy – Guidelines set forth by Georgia Soccer for Parent, Coaches and Administrators to follow in the event a child suffers a concussion. As well as what is needed for the child to return to play.


KINS (Kicking Is Not Soccer) Manual – This is a coaching manual for organizing the training and game format for the U6 and U8 players.


Mandatory Coaches Licenses For Recreational Coaches – Do you have the correct license level for the recreational team you are coaching? Check out this informative article and see.


Player Development Model – How to train U6 – U12 – This article outlines Georgia Soccer’s Director of Coaching’s technical recommendations for U6 – U12 for optimum player development.


Handling Bloodborne Pathogens – Guidelines for the safe handling of situations where they could be exposure to bloodborne diseases from participants.


Are kids being pushed in to specializing in sports too soon? – This examines the long term effects that specializing in a sport can possibly have on a young athlete and was found in the March issue of the US Youth Soccer Newsletter.


US Youth Soccer Coaching Courses and Training Information – This article provides you with links to Us Youth Soccer podcasts, training videos and other informative material to help you become a better coach.
Coaches Concussion Guidelines – This article provides some helpful guidelines in assessing a child for a possible concussion.